Exhibitors for Spectroscopy Day 2015

Lisco Analytical ApS ved Michael Reesen in partnership with Contech InstrumenteringNaverland 2, DK-2600 GlostrupTel: +45 3990 3905Fax: +45 3990 3915Cell: +45 2149 2510lre@liscotech.dk, lre@contech.dk Poul SvensgaardDelta Optical Thin Film A/SVenlighedsvej 4, 2970 HørsholmTel: +45 7070 7146Direct: +45 2916 0201psv@deltaopticalthinfilm.comwww.deltaopticalthinfilm.com Thomas Rasmussen, VP Business Development and Sales & MarketingRyttermarken 15-21, 3520 FarumTel.: +45 4434 7019Mob.: +45 […]


Careers in Photonics

The Danish Optical Society and the Student Chapters of the Department of Photonics, the Technical University of Denmark, are hosting a Careers in Photonics day! The day is mainly targeted students and newly educated persons with an interest in a career in photonics. You can sign up here.


Metasurface Optics for Better Cellphone Cameras and 3-D Displays

Engineers at the California Institute of Technology have created a metasurface out of tiny pillars of silicon that act as waveguides for light. The way they arrange the pillars allows them to control the phase of light passing through the surface; this ability gives them control over how the light is focused, as well as […]


3rd e-Newsletter from the EC BRIDLE project on high-brilliance industrial diode laser systems

Dear Colleagues, Please read the 3rd e-Newsletter from the EC Project: Brilliant Industrial Diode Laser (BRIDLE). The BRIDLE project brings together seven European industrial and academic partners who seek to harness the power and efficiency of diode lasers to develop an affordable direct diode laser source for industrial applications requiring the cutting and welding of sheet […]


World-largest Petawatt Laser Completed

The Institute of Laser Engineering (ILE), Osaka University, has succeeded to reinforce the Petawatt laser “LFEX” to deliver up to 2,000 trillion watts in the duration of one trillionth of one second (this corresponds to 1000 times the integrated electric power consumed in the world). By using this high-power laser, it is now possible to […]


SPIE Photonics Europe 2016

Photonics Europe is the foremost European photonics R&D event, connecting photonics industry innovators with leading researchers in the conference rooms and on the exhibition floor. SPIE Europe Photonics Europe 2016 will feature the highest quality conferences in these commercially important areas: Cross-discipliniary conference topics Nanophotonics Metamaterials Graphene and 2D materials Photonic crystal materials, devices, and […]


Physics 2016

International Conference on Physics 2016, will be organized around the theme “Highlighting innovations and challenges in the field of Physics” and it features a three day conference addressing the major breakthroughs, challenges and the solutions adopted. The conference will be held during June 27-29, 2016 at New Orleans, USA. Physics 2016 is comprised of 9 […]

Spectroscopy in Denmark – Applications, Developments and Hardware

Spectroscopy in Denmark – Applications, Developments and Hardware

We invite you all to a symposium arranged by the Danish Optical Society (DOPS) on spectroscopy in Denmark – applications, developments and hardware. Location: DTU Risø, Niels Bohr Auditorium/Koch Auditorium Time: September 30, 2015 The Danish Optical Society is hosting a day where distributors, developers of hardware and users will have the opportunity to meet, discuss […]


Danish project could save lives in developing countries

Danish engineer Henrik Pranov has developed a solar panel using plastic film that aims to revolutionise the field of concentrated solar power and save lives across the world. Heliac uses micro and nano-structured foils, made using packaging process technology, to create a thin plastic film that has several advantages, such as lowering operating costs, improving cleaning, and lighter construction. In […]


DOPS Annual Meeting 2015

Date: 19 – 20 November 2015 Location: Det Tekniske Fakultet, Syddansk Universitet, Campusvej 55, DK-5230 Odense M Save the date – more information will follow!

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