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  • Electro-optics Metrology Engineer | HyperLight Corporation 2021-03-05
    Cambridge, Massachusetts, HyperLight is looking for an Electro-optical Metrology Engineer to work with us to revolutionize integrated photonic technologies through fundamental hardware innovation. As a venture capital funded startup company spun-out from Harvard University, HyperLight is redefining what is possible in modern optical telecommunication, sensing, and quantum technologies that are demanding more than what integrated […]
  • Project Engineer/Manager | W. M. Keck Observatory 2021-03-05
    Kamuela, Hawaii, Do you want to be part of a team that wins Nobel Prizes? Would you like to work alongside the industry’s most innovative engineers, and in one of the most scientific productive telescopes on Earth?  Are you passionate about working on multi-disciplinary projects? If you said yes, we want to hear from you! […]
  • Adaptive Optics Operations Scientist | W. M. Keck Observatory 2021-03-05
    Kamuela, Hawaii, Do you want to be part of a team that wins Nobel Prizes? Do you want to help Keck’s Adaptive Optics (AO) systems deliver the highest image quality possible?   The W. M. Keck Observatory seeks an Adaptive Optics Operations Scientist to lead and support efforts in the science operation of the Keck AO […]
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Optical 3D printing | National Research Council Canada 2021-03-05
    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, The program The NRC’s Postdoctoral Fellowship program offers PDFs access to unique world-class facilities and the opportunity to work alongside multi-disciplinary teams of expert researchers and technicians on projects of critical importance to Canada. PDFs will carry out research on innovative research projects, with opportunities for career development (publications and/or industry interaction). […]
  • Field Service Engineer | Tholabs 2021-03-05
    Sterling, Virginia, The position is tasked with supporting a World Wide field service strategy for the evolving life science product lines. The position helps develop programs for after sales installation, Preventive Maintenance and service contracts to support a growing line of imaging systems, optical tweezers and ultrafast lasers. The candidate must have a solid understanding […]
  • Senior Applications Engineer | Supply Chain Optics 2021-03-04
    Irvine, California, Since 2003, Supply Chain Optics has been providing a huge variety of OEM optical parts to hi-tech manufacturers scattered across the US and Canada.  We seek an optics industry expert who will manage an existing base of 100+ customer accounts, adding unique value to each relationship via technical (consulting-style) selling. The Senior Applications […]


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