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  • Operations Supervisor | Altos Photonics, Inc. 2020-09-21
    Bozeman, Montana, Growing photonics company looking for an Operations Supervisor to be responsible for all aspects of Altos Photonics operations. Primary responsibilities include managing the day-to-day functions of the API Operations group, resolving issues as they arise, delegating tasks to the API Operations staff and monitoring the work schedules of these employees. This position is […]
  • Manufacturing Engineer | Thorlabs 2020-09-21
    Newton, New Jersey, Purpose of the Position This position is responsible for the daily support of one or multiple manufacturing teams producing Optics, Fiber Optics, and/or Opto-Mechanical assemblies as well as completing projects related to the assigned area(s). Working within the Manufacturing Engineering system the key goals are: Product line and defect rate quality, on […]
  • Application Specialist/Sales Engineer | Boston Electronics 2020-09-18
    Brookline, Massachusetts, Electro-optical devices are all around us supporting our work and play, enabling scientific research, industrial control, and exploring our universe. For over forty years Boston Electronics has supported applications in environmental monitoring, water and air purification, life sciences R&D, infrared imaging, temperature measurements, and instrumentation. We work with companies, universities, and national laboratories, […]
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate Position in Nanoscale Science & Technology | University of Maryland/National Institute of Standards and Technology 2020-09-17
    Gaithersburg, Maryland, Postdoctoral Research Opportunity in Nanoscale Science & Technology University of Maryland (UMD) National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST ) A Postdoctoral Research Associate position in nanoscale science   & technologies is immediately available under the Professional Research Experience Program (PREP) between the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Physical Measurement Laboratory […]
  • Experimental Quantum Optics and Single-Photon Optics – Postdoc | Los Alamos National Laboratory 2020-09-16
    Los Alamos, New Mexico, Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) is a multidisciplinary research institution engaged in science and engineering on behalf of national security. The Space and Remote Sensing group (ISR-2) in the Intelligence and Space Research division (ISR) is seeking highly motivated post-doctoral candidates in the areas of Experimental Quantum Optics and Single-Photon Optics. […]
  • Research Software Engineer | Aliro Quantum 2020-09-16
    Nationwide,, Aliro spun out of Harvard’s Quantum Information Technology lab in 2019.  Our co-founder and CTO is Prof. Prineha Narang, who is well-known in the QIT field.  Aliro is developing software products to optimize the execution of quantum programs on NISQ devices. Our tools work across hardware platforms (including superconducting, trapped ion, and others) and […]


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