ForumLED Europe

For the 7th consecutive year, The Congress ForumLED Europe will allow you to listen to the best international experts. Coming from laboratories, key companies and specialized public institutions, and selected for their complementarities and indisputable knowledge of technology and LED applications, these speakers will draw up for you a full and uncompromising picture and share their vision of the market and Led Technology.

The Conference and Expo will take place

7th to 8th of December 2015

in Lyon, France

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nobel prizeInvention of High Efficient Blue InGaN LEDs and Laser Diodes

Openning Speech by Professor Shuji NAKAMURA
Materials Department, Solid State Lighting and Energy Center, University of California Santa Barbara

The development of high brightness blue LEDs and blue laser diodes required many breakthroughs of InGaN growth, p-type conductivity control and device structures using InGaN/GaN double heterostructures. First, the speaker will discuss the history and background story of the key scientific issues solved in order to realize high efficiency solid state lighting. The fundamental discovery of high quality InGaN growth, p-type conductivity control by removing hydrogen passivation, and the role of the InGaN/GaN double heterostructure in achieving high brightness blue LEDs and laser diodes will be described.

Next the speaker will talk about the future laser lighting at the University of California at Santa Barbara. In particular, solving the current “droop” has been identified as key roadblocks to cost reduction and further improvements in solid state lighting.

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