Announcing This Year’s Speakers

DOPS Annual Conference 2020 – Moved to 17 November 2021

We are proud to announce this year’s invited speakers for the DOPS annual conference.

Nicolas Volet – Aarhus University

Assistant Professor at the Department of Engineering – Integrated Photonics and Nonlinearities.
Read more about Nicolas Volet here.

Tom André Vosch – University of Copenhagen

Associate Professor at the Nano-Science Center, Department of Chemistry.
You can read more about Tom André Voschs research here.

Theodor Nielsen – NIL Technology ApS

CEO and co-founder of NIL Technology ApS.
You can read all about NIL Technology here.

Francesco Da Ros – DTU Fotonik

Researcher in the group of High-Speed Optical Communications and Machine Learning in Photonic Systems.
More information about Francesco Da Ros is available here.

Minhao Pu – DTU Fotonik

Senior Researcher in Nanophotonic Devices.
You can find out more about Minhao Pu here.

Samer Ismail – Force Technology

ASIC Design Engineer at Force Technology.

Maria Sokolova – DTU Aqua

Ph.D. fellow and winner of the DTU Entrepreneurship course.

Stay tuned for more information.

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