Aspheric cylinder lenses from Kaleido

Kaleido Technology now supplies molded cylinder lenses with aspheric profiles for applications such as slow-axis diode laser collimation.

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Kaleido Technology, a leading supplier of precision-molded glass optics and ultra-precision machined components, now offers molded cylinder lenses with aspheric profiles in a wide range of glasses. Applications include slow-axis collimation for diode lasers, bar-code scanners and others.

Technical director Dr. Palle Geltzer Dinesen says: “Traditional manufacturing of cylinder lenses with aspheric profiles is associated with very high costs that prohibits their use in many applications. By deploying our free-form ultra-precision machining capabilities for tooling and our cost-effective precision-molding technology, we have driven the cost of these lenses down; opening for a much wider usage of aspheric cylinder lenses with their enhanced performance as compared to traditional spherical cylinder lenses”.

Currently Kaleido offers aspheric cylinder lenses with a local radius of curvature from 1.5 mm and upwards. Lens dimensions up to 30 mm square. Materials include a wide range of precision-molding glasses from all of the major suppliers.

About Kaleido Technology

Kaleido Technology is a manufacturer of precision optics by machining and precision-molding of optical glasses. Kaleido uses state-of-the art ultra-precision equipment with proprietary control software for diamond-turning and grinding of parts with truly free-form surfaces as well as mold dies for subsequent cost-effective precision-molding.

Kaleido Technology
Dr. Palle Geltzer Dinesen, Technical Director
Tel: +45 44 34 70 40
Fax: +45 44 34 70 41

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