COM•DTU Nanophotonics Seminar

Monday, December 11th, 13:00
DTU, Building 343, Room 005

Quantum teleportation between light and matter

Eugene Polzik
Niels Bohr Institutet
Copenhagen University

An ensemble of atoms with a long lived ground state coherence proved to be a powerful resource in quantum communication. Recently we have used such an ensemble to perform the quantum teleportation between objects of a different nature—light and matter, which respectively represent ‘flying’ and ‘stationary’ media. Teleportation is an important ingredient in distributed quantum networks, and can also serve as an elementary operation in quantum computers. In our experiment a quantum state of a few-photon pulse is teleported onto a macroscopic object (an atomic ensemble containing 1012 caesium atoms). Besides being of fundamental interest, teleportation using a macroscopic atomic ensemble is relevant for a practical implementation of a quantum repeater. An important factor for the implementation of quantum networks is the teleportation distance between transmitter and receiver; this is 0.5 metres in the present experiment. As our experiment uses propagating light to achieve the entanglement of light and atoms required for teleportation, the present approach should be scalable to longer distances.

Jacob F. Sherson, Hanna Krauter, Rasmus K. Olsson, Brian Julsgaard, Klemens Hammerer, Ignacio Cirac, and Eugene S. Polzik, Nature, 443, 557- 560, October 5, 2006

Eugene Polzik is Professor in Physics at the Niels Bohr Institute at Copenhagen University. Eugene obtained his Ph.D. degree in Physics at St. Petersburg University in 1980, and has since then worked at the St. Petersburg Mining institute, California Institute of Technology, and Aarhus University. He is currently Director of QUANTOP – Danish National Research Foundation Center for Quantum Optics. Among the many honors and awards received during his career, Eugene is Member of the Royal Danish Academy of Science, Fellow of the Institute of Physics, UK, and Honorary Professor at Aarhus University. Some of Eugene’s important papers in the field of quantum optics are among the most cited in physics in the recent 10 years.

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