Corona Update

The DOPS conference 2020 have been rescheduled to 15 April 2021 due to covid-19 restrictions. You can find more information here.

Dear friends and members of the Danish optical community

In little more than a month we will host the DOPS annual conference.

Hosting a conference in the times of Covid poses a brand new set of challenges.

The Covid situation means that we are constantly adjusting the format to comply with regulations and make sure the event will be fun, informative and also safe for all.

The recommendation from the authorities regarding conferences currently limits the number of attendees to 500 for events where participants are seated for the most part with plenty of space around. Note hat this is quite different from private parties and events where the national limit is 50 people.

Må jeg invitere eksterne til firmaevents og konferencer?

Ja, det må du gerne.

Som udgangspunkt gælder forsamlingsforbuddet, som pt. er maks. 50 personer samlet på samme sted.

Ved arrangementer, hvor deltagerne i det væsentligste sidder ned, må man samle op til 500 personer på samme sted. Det gælder både ved arrangementer indenfor og udenfor.

Alle virksomheder og offentlige institutioner med lokaler, som offentligheden har adgang til, skal desuden opfylde en række krav.


To ensure we have plenty of space per participant we have from the start limited the sign-up to 100 participants for the conference and 80 for the dinner. This is still in effect but can be adjusted if the recommendations change.

So hurry over to and signing up for this rare event in 2020 while there are still seats left.

Should we have to cancel this event come November 12th we will of course refund every attendee their fee, so what are you waiting for?

Look forward to seeing you there.

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