DOPS Annual Meeting 2021 November 17

Get ready for the in-person optics and photonics event of 2021 in Denmark

On 17 November 2021, DOPS and Centre of Applied Photonics are pleased to invite you to an intense one day event with key speakers from the danish optics and photonics community and industry. The day will include plenty of opportunities to network and catch up and will conclude with a dinner event at the excellent IDA restaurant.

In order to ensure we comply with regulations around limited gatherings,  the number of attendees will be limited and take place in the large conference hall of IDA huset to allow for plenty of space. The venue is located conveniently in central Copenhagen at IDA Huset Kalvebod Brygge 31-33, a short walk from the central station.

Notice! – Corona Pas Required

It is required to show a valid corona pas upon arrival to the conference.

Conference Program

08:45 – 9:30 Registration coffee and bread
Technical session 1
09:30 Henrik Mertz – Head of Department of RoadSensors & Photonics at FORCE Technology
10:05 Francesco Da Ros – Senior researcher at DTU Fotonik
10:40 – 11:05 Coffee Break + exhibition  
Technical session 2
11:05 Brian Bilenberg – Founder & CTO  at NIL Technology
11:40 Nicolas Volet – Aarhus University, Department of electrical and computer engineering  
12:10 – 13:10 Lunch + Exhibition  
13:10 – 14.35 Poster session  
Technical session 3
14:35 Tom André Jos Vosch – Associate Professor at the Nano-Science Center, Department of Chemistry at University of Copenhagen.
15:10 Stenio Magalhães Ranzini – DTU Fotonik, DOPS junior award winner
16:00 – 18:00 Beer, snacks, friends and Poster session winner
18:00 – 20:00 Dinner at IDA husets restaurant
20.00 21.00 After dinner talk
Leif Katsuo Oxenløwe – Professor, High speed optical communication, DTU Fotonik


Henrik Mertz – Granting your business access to photonics expertise
Head of Department of RoadSensors & Photonics – FORCE Technology.

Centre of Applied Photonics (CAF) is a hub for innovation, granting Danish businesses access to Danish and European expertise within photonics. The Centre’s goal is to ensure that the potential for growth that lies in the latest photonics technology is fully leveraged.

The Photonics department at FORCE Technology has a long and extensive experience in developing photonics products such as optical sensors, imaging systems, illumination systems and fluorescence systems. The development and production of photonics products inevitably encounter problems during the process. We can assist you in identifying the cause and preparing suggestions for solutions.

We grant start-ups, spin-outs and SMEs access to various facilities, services, and demonstration projects that support photonics product development and accelerates the technological readiness level.

Francesco Da Ros – Machine learning & photonics: a symbiotic relationship
Senior researcher, Villum Young Investigator – DTU Fotonik

The popularity of machine learning (ML) and deep learning tools has been booming over the past few years, including their application to problems in the fields of optics and photonics. In this talk, I will address two questions: (i) what benefits does ML bring to photonics? (ii) how can photonics benefit ML? Starting with (i), I will review some of our recent efforts and provide examples of successful applications of ML to the characterization of photonic devices, design, and modeling of an optical subsystem, and full end-to-end optical communication system optimization. A key challenge currently limiting ML techniques is the availability of computing power. This is directly related to the energy-consumption scaling of the electronics-based von Neumann-based computing architectures used as hardware for ML algorithms. Changing perspective then, whereas ML tools can advance the state-of-the-art in photonics, photonics can improve ML. Photonics can provide an extremely promising hardware platform for implementing the high-energy consuming ML algorithms currently relying on digital electronics. Along these lines, I will discuss a few examples of optoelectronics hardware able to solve specific ML tasks.

Brian Bilenberg
– Advanced Optics by Nanostructures in Consumer Electronics
Founder, Executive VP Mastering – NIL Technology

NIL Technology (NILT), is an optical solutions company designing, developing, and manufacturing optical elements and components using high-precision nanoscale features. NILT creates competitive advantages with flat optics in optical applications for 3D sensing, consumer electronics, machine vision, autonomous vehicles, telecommunication, and AR/VR/MR displays; all solutions made by diffractive (DOE) and meta (MOE) optics.

Nicolas Volet – Integrated photonics with mature technology platforms
Founder and CTO – UV Medico
Assistant professor – AU Engineering

Applications of laser-related technologies generally require close control over a large set of physical performance, such as the power, wavelength and polarization of the emitted light, or the modulation capabilities, the spectral purity and tunability of the device. Deployment of these technologies out of the lab also involves studies of their costs, packaging and reliability. In this talk, specific examples will be discussed where material systems with optimal properties were combined to demonstrate optoelectronic devices with unprecedented performance or exhibiting new physical phenomena.

Tom André Jos Vosch – DNA stabilized AgNCs for anti-Stokes fluorescence microscopy
Associate Professor – Nano-Science Center, Department of Chemistry, University of Copenhagen

DNA stabilized silver nanoclusters (DNA-AgNC) are a relatively new class of emitters. What makes them interesting are the genetic programmability of the AgNC that is stabilized by the DNA strands. Some DNA-AgNC also have some unusual properties e.g. high fluorescence quantum yield in the NIR region and the ability to generate bright anti-Stokes fluorescence.

Stenio Magalhães Ranzini – DOPS junior award winner
DTU Fotonik

After Dinner Talk

Leif Katsuo Oxenløwe – The future of the internet is nonlinear and optical
Professor, High-Speed Optical Communications Group – DTU Fotonik

Poster Abstracts

Rasmus Eilkær Hansen

Thea Bjørk Kristensen – Compression of high power NIR pulses for ultra-fast high power THz spectroscopy

Henrik Bødker Lassen – Nano-imaging of graphene with terahertz scattering-type scanning near-field optical microscopy (THz-SNOM)

Asbjørn Moltke

C. R. Petersen – Non-Destructive Testing and Imaging of Marine Coatings using High-Resolution Mid-Infrared Optical Coherence Tomography

Eric Planz

Vanessa Rück – Exploring the NIR region of DNA-stabilized silver nanoclusters

Vivek Semwal – Development of Polymer Optical Fiber Apta-sensor for the Detection of Cortisol and Geosmin in Aquaculture

Arnhold Simonsen – Bidirectional electrostatic MEMS tunable VCSELs

G. Woyessa – Tapered Multimode Polymer Optical Fibers for Single Peak Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors

Event Information

Date: 17 November 2021
Time: 9:00-17:00 (conference dinner from 17:00-22:00)
Venue: IDA Conference, Kalvebod Brygge 31-33, KBH V


Ticket price (includes 1-year membership of DOPS): 750 DKK
PhD Students: 200 DKK
Students: Free
Conference dinner (optional): 250 DKK

Bring Your Own Poster

The DOPS conference features a brilliant forum to show off your work to peers and even participate in the competition to win a cash price of 1500.- DKK.

Any registered participant can bring their poster, provided they submit an abstract to with your name in the subject, no later than November 1st.


Show off your products at the exhibition. You can book your space when signing up for the annual meeting or you can contact DOPS to learn more. Space is limited so first come first serve. An exhibition space costs 3500 DKK.

Award Nominations

Do you know someone whom has made a significant contribution to optics or photonics in Denmark and deserve to be recognized? Nominate them for the annual Young Scientist or the prestigious DOPS Senior award. Nominations for this year’s young scientist & senior awards should be sent to DOPS. You learn more about the DOPS awards here.

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