DOPS General Assembly 2021

Time: Thursday December 16. 2021 at 16:00

Place: MS Teams virtual meeting. Contact DOPS for invitation at


  1. Welcome
  2. Approval of the agenda
  3. Annual reports:
    a) Chairman
    b) Presentation of the financial report 2021
    c) Presentation of the budget for 2022
    d) Approval of the financial report 2021
    e) Approval of the budget for 2022
  4. Approval of auditors for the upcoming year
    a) The board is nominating Frank Bason
  5. Motions
    a) Proposed changes to the constitution
        i) § 6 Valg
            … Generalforsamlingen vælger herudover 6 bestyrelsesmedlemmer.
        ii) § 6 Valg
            … Generalforsamlingen vælger herudover 8 bestyrelsesmedlemmer.
  6. Elections of new officials
    a) Chairman
        i) Asger Sellerup Jensen is nominated
        ii) All candidates who wish to run should announce their candidacy to before the general assembly
    b) Board members
        i) The board is nominating the following
            (1) Kasper Pasch
            (2) Thomas Møller Søndergaard
            (3) Martin Romme Henriksen
            (4) Signe Rolighed Thorsen
            (5) Francesco Da Ros
            (6) Nicolas Volet
            (7) Anders Clausen
    c) Suppleants
        i) The board is receiving nominations on
  7. Other business
    a) Motion
        i) Approximately half of the board members should be up for election every year so the board suggests that in order to have half of the board seats up for election in 2022 that 4 of the board members will be picked to have their seat up for election at the 2022 general assembly by random draw.
  8. Adjournment
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