Foredrag af Jim Cowan, TelAztec i US

Jim Cowan holder foredrag om
Volume production of display and security holograms
På Forskningscenter Risø, den 26/7 kl. 14:00 I mødelokalet I bygn. 108.

James J. Cowan, PhD. Is co-founder and Consultant to TelAztec LLC, and he serves on the company’s Board of Managers.
Dr. Cowan is a pre-eminent holographer known world wide as a pioneer in the development of multiple-beam holography and techniques for synthesizing resonant surface structures.
His distinguished career spans thirty years from his early work in academia as a Professor of Physics to his eighteen year career with Polaroid Corporation. At the behest of Edwin Land himself, Dr. Cowan began work at Polaroid developing his unique multi-beam holographic techniques for the production of Land’s moving instant film – a late competitor to magnetic video tape.
Dr. Cowan later acquired expertise in many forms of holographic pattern replication for low cost, high volume production of display and security holograms. In 1996, Dr. Cowan left Polaroid and founded Aztec Systems, Inc., a company formed to develop his resonant surface structures known as Aztec holograms. Numerous companies have benefitted from Dr. Cowan’s consulting services, including HLS (now Optical Switch Corporation), Holographix (now Avanex), Etalon, SRU Biosystems, and Reflexite. Dr. Cowan has published more than twenty journal articles and holds multiple U.S. Patents. His patent on wavelength tuning is the foundation for the tunable filter efforts.

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