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  1. Bragg Gratings White Paper
  2. Phase mask product overview
  3. Meet us at Photonics West

  1. White Paper on Bragg Grating Technology
    Ibsen is proud to present a White Paper on Bragg Grating Technology, authored by a recognized expert in the field: Professor Martin Kristensen. Without further ado we direct you to the following page on our web-site:


  2. Ibsen has been supplying Phase masks for almost 10 years
    – this Newsletter has been dedicated to FBG applications of Phase masks.
    The term FBG Phase masks has been used interchangeably with the term +1/-1 order Phase masks – but through the years waveguide grating work has increased and FBG applications have expanded into new wavelength regions and with new laser writing sources. With this in mind, we feel it could be useful to list below the full range of Ibsens Phase mask products, as receivers of this Newsletter may not be aware of all products and services:
    • +1/-1 order principle Phase masks
    • 0/-1 order principle Phase masks
    • 2D Phase masks
    • NFH technology services
    • Grating (PR on wafer) foundry services
    • Phase mask cleaning services

    Phase masks are a special type of transmission diffraction grating – Ibsen also manufactures transmission gratings for telecom ROADM modules, laser pulse compression, spectrometers etc.

    Based on Ibsen transmission gratings, Ibsen also offers FBG Sensor System Interrogation Monitors.

    Detailed information on each product/service is available on http://www.ibsenphotonics.com

  3. Meet us at Photonics West

    Your next opportunity to meet with Ibsen at an international show will be Photonics West in San Jose in January – we hope to see you there!

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