Keopsys CATV EDFAs

KEOPSYS launches its new generation of 33 dBm uncooled high power optical fibre amplifiers for CATV applications!

Keopsys is proud to announce the launch of its new generation of high power optical fibre amplifiers based on uncooled pumping technology intended for CATV applications. An output power of 33 dBm can be delivered via up to 16 fibre ports with an excellent port to port uniformity (< 1.2 dB asymmetry between output ports), allowing cable television providers to service larger networks with substantial cost savings per subscriber. CATV amplifiers with integrated power splitters and configured with 16 x 20 dBm output ports are readily available for system deployment. These compact – 240x170x38 mm3 – and economical optical amplifier designs are based on the use of efficient double clad fibres. Thanks to the use of uncooled pump lasers these OEM devices offer one of the best power consumptions on the market (< 45 W) over an extended operating temperature range, and can be operated with voltage as low as 5V DC, increasing wall plug efficiency and reducing thermal management. In addition, our carefully designed optical amplifier topology enables low noise figure (NF < 6 at 0 dBm input level) values, while preserving the quality of the analog signal transmission. These OEM modules include embedded electronics with full control of the optical amplifier in automatic current control (ACC) and automatic power control (APC) modes. An RS232 computer interface allowing standalone control of critical parameters (voltage, temperature, optical power levels) are offered as standard features. Products with standard specifications are available off-the-shelf, while customised versions can be engineered rapidly for your particular systems’ requirements.


KEOPSYS, established in 1997, designs and manufactures high power fiber amplifiers and fiber lasers. Keopsys has a 7,200 ft2 R&D and manufacturing plant in Lannion France, as well as an R&D lab in Fairfax Virginia, USA. KEOPSYS’ unique VSP® coupling technology enables efficient and compact engineering designs for scientific, medical, industrial, and military applications.

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