Koheras product release!

Koheras introduces rugged OEM version of its narrow linewidth fiber lasers with software control…

Date announced: 13 Oct 2005

Koheras is expanding its product line of low noise, narrow linewidth DFB fiber lasers with an OEM version of KOHERAS BOOSTIK™ E15/C15/Y10 offering up to 2 W CW optical output.

The device is packaged in a rugged carbon shielded OEM module with digital RS232 interface and software program with several control/monitor options. The module finds use in critical airborne or ground based environments such as LIDAR, wind sensing and security.

The lasers are characterised by very stable single frequency and mode hop free operation, with a narrow spectral linewidth of few kHz, exceptionally low phase and intensity noise, and rapid piezo tuning. The lasers have furthermore been mechanically designed for operation in harsh environments with reduced susceptibility to acoustic noise and vibrations.

Key advantages compared with other conventional laser technologies are low maintenance cost and no serviceable parts once installed, lightweight, compact and easy to assemble on higher system level, embedded electronics and computer interface for device control and monitoring, and high wall plug efficiency.

The lasers are available at any wavelength within 1530 – 1580 nm and optionally other wavelengths in the 1 micron range such as 1064 nm. Lower output power versions are also available with smaller foot print. The module is delivered with FC/APC SMF-28 pigtailed output, PM or non-PM, and can optionally be supplied with a free space collimated output.

Reference applications: spectroscopy, trapping, LIDAR, wind sensing, sensor interrogation (e.g. security and oil exploration) and other applications relying on stable single frequency operation and narrow linewidth/long coherence length.

For further information or documentation about this product, please send enquiry to us as below:

Koheras A/S
Blokken 84
3460 Birkerød

Phone: +45 4348 3900
Fax: +45 4348 3901

E-mail: enquiry@koheras.dk
Web site: http://www.koheras.com

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