Koheras SuperK™ and Cwdm components testing.

New Koheras White Light Source For 3d Surface Metrology
This new source opens up a new way to test the optical products e.g. CWDM, DWDM, waveguides and PON filters…

Date announced: 26 May 2005

An ultra compact supercontinuum white light source with broadband, diffraction-limited output from the UV to the IR (400 to beyond 2000 nm), the SuperK™ manufactured by KOHERAS A/S of Birkerød, Denmark, is based on a proprietary compact pump laser design and a patent-pending dual wavelength pumping scheme.

It also provides continuum radiation in the technologically important blue and near-UV spectral regions. Previous supercontinuum light sources that could provide this coverage were based on Ti:Sapphire-laser-pumped systems and were expensive, very large and complicated to operate. Available in a rugged turn-key system and OEM solution, the SuperK™ is the first and only source in the market, which is economically suitable for industrial volume application.

The turnkey light source integrates easily into instruments and systems for industrial measurement tasks and for general use as a research tool. This new source opens up a new way to test the optical products e.g. CWDM, DWDM, waveguides and PON filters, where cumbersome testing processes have been performed for years due to bandwidth limitation in the spectrum and the output power level of ASE sources, LEDs and tradition lamps. Compared to traditional sources the KOHERAS SuperK™ is very easy to use and does not require any maintenance during its lifetime, which is at several of ten-thousands hours.

Using the new white light source in a simple production test setup of CWDM or DWDM filters one can immediately analyze the dynamic range of each channel, 3dB-bandwidth, and polarization extinction ratio to adjacent channels. Last but not least with its unmatched wavelength coverage, the KOHERAS SuperK™ covers all O-E-S-C-L and U bands. There is no need for multiple ASE sources in the test setup.

Manufacturers of thin film filters and anti-reflections coatings have been limited in their measurement using conventional white light sources with a poor brightness of their output beam. Up until now the results of such measurements has been limited down to a -30dB whereas the new white light source from KOHERAS can easily perform a perfect measurement down to -65dB or less.

The new white light source is also ideally for measurement and testing of chromatic dispersion in fibre and planar waveguides with high accuracy.

Its output spectrum can be tailored to specific applications by changing the nonlinear photonic crystal fibre that is used to generate the continuum, offering enhanced functionality and value from the current platform.


KOHERAS is a leading supplier of innovative next generation of fiber laser solutions based on more than 8 years experience as a fiber laser company. With the acquisition of LG-Laser Technologies GmbH, KOHERAS can now also offer a wide range laser of other types such as Argon-Ion, Solid State, Diode Modules, Helium-Neon Laser etc. KOHERAS is also a leading supplier of Supercontinuum White Light Source to the industrial and scientific markets.

Chuong Tran M.Sc.E.E – HD
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