Lecture series by Guest Professor Kurt Busch.

Professor Kurt Busch is currently a Guest Professor at COM in the Fibers and Nonlinear Optics Group.

Kurt will give the following lecture series on Wednesdays:

7/9, 10.30-12 Photonic band structures – I
14/9, 10.30-12 Photonic band structures – II
21/9, 10.30-12 Wannier Functions – I
28/9, 10.30-12 Wannier Functions – II
5/10, 10.30-12 Applications of Wannier Functions to photonic crystal devices
12/10, 14.30-16) Quantum Optics in photonic crystals

All lectures take place in room 076, ground floor in building 345. Note that the last lecture is a part of the quantum-optics course given by Bjarne Tromborg and Peter Lodahl.

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