Lifetimes for LED light sources and their electronic drivers

The lifetime of an LED light source will not necessarily live up to what the manufacturer writes on the packaging. Lifetimes of 50,000 to 100,000 hours (6-12 years’ lifetime at constant light) is not what the consumer actually gets – even if they are led to believe so.

The development in light sources has undergone a revolution in recent years that has not been seen since the first commercial filament lamps came on the market roughly 125 years ago. The new light technology, the LED light source, has developed rapidly both in terms of quality and price, and is today a very real and often better alternative to more traditional light sources such as filament lamps, fluorescent tubes, energy-saving light bulbs (CFLs), halogen bulbs, and so on. A filament lamp can only turn 5 % of its energy consumption into light, whereas an efficient LED light source can exhibit 10 times or higher efficiency with a light output of over 150 lumens/watts.

In a world where more than 20 % of all electrical energy is used on lighting, LED technology is enjoying large-scale regulatory support in the political system, for example in the EU, and the old filament lamps have long been assigned to the scrapheap – even though consumers hesitate to welcome the new technology.

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