MIC Colloquium: Jacob Riis Folkenberg, Foss A/S

Jacob Riis Folkenberg speaks about

“Wine, cheese, bread and optical spectroscopy”
at DTU, Auditorium 21, building 341 on October the 27th.

Jacob has a PhD in semiconductor optics from MIC/COM, and has worked in the start-up company, Crystal-Fibre A/S for 4 years. He is presently employed as a development engineer at FOSS A/S, working with new technologies within optics and electronics.

FOSS A/S is the world’s largest manufacturer of dedicated instruments for measuring the quality and composition of food – in particular dairy products, wine and grains. Most of the measurement principles are based on optical spectroscopy, covering the spectral range from the visible to the mid-infrared. However, developing a modern state-of-the-art instrument for these applications takes much more that knowledge of optics – indeed it is a very cross-disciplinary challenge, involving advanced mechanics, high-precision electronics, intelligent data analysis and most of all highly skilled engineers and front-end technology. In this colloquium a couple of FOSS’ instruments will be “uncovered”, and the technology leading e.g. from a few milliliters of wine to a precise determination of the contents of alcohol, sugar and pH will be explained. Furthermore, some visions for the future of food analysis – in terms of science and technology – will be presented.

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