NATO Advanced Study Institute

NATO Advanced Study Institute
Photon-based Nanoscience & Technology:
From Atomic Level Manipulation to Materials Synthesis & Nanobiodevice Manufacturing.

September 19- September 29, 2005
Auberge Estrimont, Orford, QC, Canada
Application Deadline is approaching fast:
Monday, May 30, 2005

Organized by
Université de Sherbrooke
Vitesse Re-Skilling Canada Inc. (Vitesse)
Holon Academic Institute of Technology (HAIT)
North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO)

Scientific Directors
Dr. Jan J. Dubowski, Université de Sherbrooke, Canada
Dr. Aaron Peled, HAIT, Israel

ASI Scientific Secretary
Dr. Stoyan Tanev, Vitesse


  • BUILD a creative advanced research learning environment by bringing together world experts, researchers, Ph.D. students and postdoctoral fellows from industry, academia and government research organizations
  • EXPLORE various aspects of fundamental research on existing and emerging photon-based technologies for atomic level manipulation and nanomaterials synthesis
  • EXAMINE the feasibility and the need for developing the next generation of nanobiodevices for biodiagnostic, therapeutic, environmental and biodefense applications
  • PROVIDE an opportunity for the next generation of scientists to become familiar with the international achievements of nanoscience research and development efforts, which in turn, will allow for further advancement of their research communities’ knowledge skills and motivation


  • Nobel Prize Winner, Dr. J.C. Polanyi
    will be giving the opening lecture at the ASI
  • Dr. J.C. Polanyi, University of Toronto, Canada
    Photochemistry of adsorbates:towards maskless nanopatterning
  • Dr. P. Prasad, Institute for Lasers, Photonics and Biophotonics University at Buffalo, USA
    Nanophotonics – fundamental aspects related to bio-applications
  • Dr. T. Dickinson, University of Washington, USA
    Laser interactions with inorganic materials
  • Dr. H. Helvajian, Aerospace Corporation, USA
    UV lasers – processing tools for bio-MEMS
    Nanosatellite diagnostics: structural and biological tests in space
  • Dr. W. Marine, University of Marseille, France
    Laser synthesis of solid nanoclusters
    Laser removal on micro or nanoparticles from solid surfaces
  • Dr. F. Traeger, Kassel University, Germany
    Laser synthesis of inorganic nanomaterials
    Self-organized synthesis of highly ordered inorganic rigid monolayers
    Manipulation and probing of nanoparticles
  • Dr. K.Sugioka, RIKEN, Japan
    Fs laser processes for precise nanostructuring of inorganic materials
    3-dimensional micro and nanochips for biomedical applications
  • Dr. M. Stuke, Max Planck Institute, Germany
    Processing of nanoparticles by UV laser irradiation in a field cage
    Laser made and laser driven nanorobots
  • Dr. D. Cohn, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
    Thermo-responsive polymeric nanoshells and tailoring of biomaterials for protein and cell adhesion
  • Dr. M. Elbaum, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel
    Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy of a fluctuation membrane
    Biomaterials to biomechanics
  • Dr. C. Montemagno, University of California, Los Angelas, USA
    Cloning and expression of F1-ATPase
    Biological motors and their hybrids with inorganic nanodevices
  • Dr. D. Geohegan, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA
    Nanomaterials: status and potential bioapplications
    Single-wall carbon nanotube: an ultimate biosensor?
  • Dr. T. Lippert, Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland
    Molecular design of polymers for laser structuring
    Thin films produced by PLD as model system for electrochemical applications
  • Dr. H. Ouacha, Université Moulay Ismail, Morocco
    Optical gas sensing properties of laser-shaped nanoparticles
  • Dr. R. Haglund, Vanderbilt University, USA
    Free electron laser: biomedical applications
    Surface plasmon resonance: fundamentals and applications
    Nanocrystals of vanadium dioxide for biodiagnostics applications
  • Dr. V. Konov, General Physics Institute, Russia
    Diamond film nanotechnology
    Biomedical applications of diamond films
  • Dr. B. Wilson, Ontario Cancer Institute, Canada
    Laser interaction with organic materials
    Laser-based phototherapies
  • Dr. N. Petersen, National Institute for Nanotechnology
    National Research Council Canada

Cost includes shared accommodations, all daily meals and printed materials
1300.00 EURO
$2,000 CDN

MAY 30, 2005 ** selected applicants will be notified by mid-June
Dr. Stoyan Tanev NATO ASI Scientific Secretary
T: (613) 254-9880 ext. 228
F: (613) 254-9881

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