New 1 Inch cube RC Series Miniature Spectrometer Modules

Hamamatsu Photonics introduce the new 1 inch cube miniature spectrometer module, the RC series. These new miniature spectrometer modules are ideal for use in small, hand held sensor products and instruments.

Applications include:

  • visible spectroscopy,
  • industrial process control,
  • environmental monitoring,
  • colour measurement,
  • blood analysis,
  • water pollution monitoring,
  • food inspection, and
  • many more analytical and biotechnology applications.

The new C9407MA and C9409MA feature a reflection grating permanently attached to a wide dynamic range CMOS linear image sensor. The C9407MA and C9409MA cover the spectral range from 340nm to 780nm and light is input from the sample under measurement via a 30cm long integrated fibre-optic cable.

The C9407MA spectrometer module also includes a USB interface, which enables “plug and play” connection to a PC. The module operates using USB power from the PC and this, together with the compact design, allows easy assembly into portable equipment. The C9407MA is supplied with free sample software, which allows the user to set measurement conditions, acquire and save data and display it graphically thus making it very quick and easy to start taking basic measurements.

The new RC-series of mini-spectrometers provide cost-effective solutions to meet the needs of OEM customers. They allow flexibility during product development, and offer ruggedness, environmental stability, easy electrical interfacing and long-term stability of spectral calibration.

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