NKT Photonics gives license to PCF technology

NKT Photonics, announces that it has licensed parts of its unique Photonic Crystal Fiber technology to PicoQuant GmbH for use in their new Solea supercontinuum lasers. The covered patents include NKTs fundamental methods for drawing and subsequently processing the fibers for use in systems. The license given covers using NKT Photonics fibers for making supercontinuum light sources comprising a gain switched laser diode.

NKT Photonics pioneered the field of photonic crystal fibers more than a decade ago and today the technology forms the backbone of several high performance product areas such as supercontinuum lasers and high power pulsed fiber lasers. Jakob Skov, CEO of NKT Photonics, explains:

Supercontinuum generation has been around since the sixties but it was not until we commercialized the SuperK sources, based on our patented nonlinear photonic crystal fibers, that supercontinuum lasers became a viable alternative to existing light sources. Now, supercontinuum lasers are used in countless applications within e.g. bioimaging and optical characterization and we are happy to drive this change by giving companies around the World access to our technology needed to produce supercontinuum fiber lasers.

Read the whole press-release at http://nktphotonics.com/

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