OSA Congratulates Nobel Prize Winners

The Optical Society of America’s President, Susan Houde-Walter, Congratulates Physics Nobel Prize Winners.

Washington, DC (October 4, 2005) – A statement from the Optical Society of America’s President Susan Houde-Walter on the recent announcement of the Nobel Prize in physics award winners:

“On behalf of the Optical Society of America, I want to congratulate our members John L. Hall, Roy J. Glauber and Theodor W. Hänsch on their brilliant accomplishments in optics research leading to their Nobel Prize in physics. Glauber’s contributions help us to understand the quantum nature of coherent light such as light from a laser. Hänsch’s and Hall’s important contributions test fundamental principles of physics to develop new techniques with laser-based precision measurements. As an association whose primary mission is to advance the science of light – optics – we are thrilled that this work by our members is being recognized at such a prestigious level. We look forward to honoring the prize recipients at upcoming OSA events.”

All award winners are Optical Society of America Fellows having served with distinction in the advancement of optics.

Additional resource information is available on http://nobelprize.org .

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OSA is proud to be a part of the World Year of Physics, a celebration of physics and the 100th anniversary of some of Einstein’s greatest achievements. Optics is the branch of physics that studies the properties of light. For additional information on World Year of Physics, visit www.physics2005.org .

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