Ph.D. position offer: Ultrafast Laser Inscription in infrared materials for Astrophotonics

The Institute of Applied Physics at the University of Jena offers one Ph.D. scholarship in the frame of the project ALSI (Advanced Laser-writing for Stellar Interferometry – see website.

Goals of the research will be:

  1. manufacture complex 3D-integrated-optics components for infrared astronomical interferometry,
  2. participate in the definition of ULI models in infrared materials,
  3. investigate the chemical-physical origin of the laser-induced modifications of infrared glasses.

Besides enjoying the collaborations with the Max Plank Institute for Astronomy (MPIA-Heidelberg) and the 1st Physics Institute of the University of Cologne, the student will be actively involved into the work of a multi-national consortium of scientists and engineers, grouping the most prominent actors of the Astrophotonic research in Europe.

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Application deadline 1. September 2014

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