Welcome to a new electronic journal!

Several new papers have been published at JEOS:RP – the electronic Journal of the European Optical Society! Click here to view articles published during the last month in JEOS:RP.

In 2005, the Board of the European Optical Society (EOS) decided to launch a fully electronic international online journal because it felt that the scientific community in general and the EOS-membership in particular would greatly profit from such a new service.

After more than a half year of preparatory work, the journal JEOS Rapid Publications (JEOS:RP) is now online and ready to accept submissions from a broad field in optics and photonics.

We encourage readers to sign up for the publishing notification service for this journal. Use the Register link at the top of the homepage for the journal. This registration will result in the reader receiving the Table of Contents by email for each new issue of the journal. This list also allows the journal to claim a certain level of support or readership. See the journal’s Privacy Statement which assures readers that their name and email address will not be used for other purposes.

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