DOPS Newsletter #8

Dear all

The year 2016 is now gone and a new exiting year is starting. You can read our newsletter by clicking on the cover to the right. The information below is also a part of the newsletter.

From the DOPS board, we would like to thank all the participants for making the annual DOPS conference a success.

The beautiful Oticon building at DTU Lyngby campus was chosen as the venue for the meeting and almost 100 attendees from international companies and national universities were attending. The program was densely packed with exiting invited talks, submitted papers and posters.

DOPS would like to thank all the participants, the companies having exibitions at the meeting and the sponsors of the awards. We hope to see you all at the next DOPS annual conference in 2017. Already now, please put a mark in your calendar at Thursday and Friday 16th and 17th of November 2017.

The DOPS annual conference was followed by the DOPS annual general assembly.

On the agenda was an important question, do DOPS have any raison d’être? From the attendees the answer was clear, yes DOPS should indeed continue. The same is the conclusion from the DOPS board. However, this does not necessarily mean DOPS has to continue as up to now. Thus, all members and potential members are encouraged to contact the DOPS board, either in person or by mail with your opinion. What should DOPS keep, what should we change, what can add etc?

DOPS should be a dynamic organization and reflect what our members want and need. This discussion will continue in the future, but please send us any comments that you may have.

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